1 Peter
111091   Predestination
111791   The Living Expectation
122991   The Lord  Refining the Gold of the Christian
012692   How Can I Love Christ When I Haven't Seen Him
020992   You Are Called to be Holy
021692   True Love Always Expresses Itself Towards Others
032292   Desire the Pure Word of God
041292   The Priesthood of the Believer
042692   A Royal Priesthood
071292   Is Your Behavior Godly?
072692   The Christian's Responsibility Towards Civil Authority
080292   Follow the Example of Your Savior 080292
083092   The Christian Woman's Testimony to Her Husband
100492   Submission
101192   Suffering
102592   Where was Jesus in the Days of Separation from His Body?
110892   Where was Jesus in the Days of Separation from His Body? II
111592   Three Baptisms
121392   What Really is the Christian Life
011093   Exercise Spiritual Gifts God has Given You
011793   Why Does the Christian Suffer?
013193   The Christian Must Expect to Suffer
020793   Commit Yourself Unto God the Faithful Creator
021493   The Glory of God
030793   Partakers of the Glory of the Lord
031493   Feed the Flock
032193   The Shepherd's Heart
041893   God Gives Grace to the Humble
042593   The Lord Subjects Us to Many Trials
050993   Resisting the Devil
052393   The  God of All Grace
Basics for the Christian p.1