Stand Alone Sermons
052084   Walking with the Lord
060384   Be Completely Cleansed
061084   Living Union with Christ/Testimony of Ernest Sanchez
061784   Freedom Begins in Your Thoughts
102184   Crucified with Christ
121684   The Promise of the Messiah
123084   Coming to Know the Lord
010685   Walking in the Love of God
041491   Saul Committed the Sin Unto Death
060792   End Time Days
012493   Is the Word of God Your Blueprint?
112193   Preparations for the Coming Days
112893   Behold He Cometh
012394   The Contrary Natures
022094   Messages to the Seven Churches
040394   Christ is Risen
061994   Gods Kind of Man
100994   Prepare Ourselves Daily to Meet the Lord
102394   The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
103094   The Holy Spirit is a Person
010195   Your Life in 1994 (partial tape)
011595   You Are the Sent One
012995   Fasting
021295   Hindrances to Prayer
112695   Questions and  Answers
030892   End Time Days
041992   The Cross
042395   Trusting the Lord in Times Like These
082392   The Christian and the Great Tribulation
091392   The Lord is Speaking Today
010884   Too Late to Give Praise
011584   Review of Instruments of Praise
012984   An Impatient Spirit
041584   Introduction to Covenant